Abolish Georgia's State Tax!

Georgia's state income tax punishes productive citizens like you and creates disincentives for individuals to work harder and invest in the local economy.

Citizens in neighboring states like Florida and Tennessee enjoy no state-level income tax creating a competitive advantage for those states.

Please act now by signing your petition to Abolish Georgia's State Income Tax!

To: My State Representative, State Senator, and the Governor

End the State Income Tax Petition

Whereas:  Income taxes punish productive citizens and create disincentives for individuals to work harder and invest in the economy; and
Whereas:  Citizens of two of Georgia’s neighboring states, Florida and Tennessee, enjoy no state-­level income tax; and
Whereas:  Georgia's state income tax creates a competitive advantage for states like Florida and Tennessee; and
Whereas:  Corporations can never truly pay taxes; they can only collect taxes and pass them on to consumers in the form of higher prices for goods and services; and
Whereas:  Eliminating the state income tax would promote a more free market environment and eliminate all of the bureaucracy associated with the collection of said taxes.
Therefore:  I insist that the Georgia General Assembly and the Governor completely abolish the state's personal and corporate income taxes including any and all taxes on dividends and interest.
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