Stop the Fulton Property Tax Hike!

Dear Fulton County Taxpayer,

After promising to cut wasteful spending and lower taxes for home owners, local politicians across Fulton County are now planning to raise your property taxes!

Please act today by signing your petition to cut wasteful spending and property taxes in Fulton County.

Petition to Cut Wasteful Spending and Property Taxes in Fulton County

To: My Commissioners, School Board Members, and other Local Officials

Whereas: Every increase in government spending must be paid for with a corresponding increase in taxes; and
Whereas: Local politicians at each level of local government have a fiduciary responsibility for their respective government budgets (spending) and revenues (taxes); and
Whereas: As candidates, local politicians asked for our votes, our contributions, and therefore the responsibility to make the tough choices required to cut spending and taxation, not to deflect responsibility and blame to the citizens they represent; and
Whereas: Property taxes drive up the cost of living for all residents, including renters who must bear the cost indirectly in order for their landlords to remain solvent; and
Whereas: Property taxes turn private property owners into mere renters from local government living under the threat of violence and eviction should they be unable to pay the tax.
Therefore: I insist that my local representatives take responsibility to cut wasteful spending and to cut property taxes.
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