[Video] Neal Florence thinks stopping Obamacare is “crazy”

Do you want your state representative to use every legal ‘trick’ in the book to stop Obamacare in Georgia?

If so, then candidate Neal Florence thinks you’re “crazy!” and “nuts!”

You see, we sent surveys to all of the candidates who qualified for the special election for your State House District.

Our survey tests candidates on important issues like the Obamacare tax, the largest tax hike in Georgia history (T-SPLOST), the state income tax, property taxes, automobile related taxes, and the Internet tax.

Neal Florence failed to return his survey before the special election on January 7th. So when he placed 2nd in the race and qualified for the run-off election on February 4th, we contacted him to asked if he would complete and return the survey.

During an email exchange, Mr. Florence stated that he would get the survey back to us “as soon as possible.”

We also forwarded the survey to his campaign staff who assured us that Mr. Florence would return the survey no later than January 20th.

They both lied.

Neal Florence still refuses to answer and return our survey, and he (currently) has no intention to do so.

We know this fact because one of our supporters cornered Neal Florence after a candidate debate to ask him why he hadn’t returned our candidate survey.

Luckily our supporter caught the entire exchange on film (which I will share with you in just a moment).

Mr. Florence’s answers in the video are astonishing!

When confronted with the idea of stopping Obamacare through state nullification, Neal Florence exclaimed “Its crazy! Its nuts!”

And apparently, Mr. Florence thinks Obamacare is the only possible way for Georgians to get insurance! He said:

“If you nullify it, what are you going to do for peoples’ insurance? That’s what I want to know, because I deal with it.”

You see, as a pharmacist Neal Florence’s livelihood depends on being able to bill health insurance companies. He admitted as much in the video.

Does Mr. Florence think that Obamacare will eventually lead to more money in his pocket with taxpayers footing the bill?

Maybe that is why he is refusing to complete and return our survey.

Candidate Steve Tarvin completed his survey 100% correctly and returned it this past December.

Don’t you think that Neal Florence should put his positions in writing as well?

Please contact Neal Florence and INSIST that he complete the Georgia Taxpayers United candidate survey.

Neal Florence

And as promised, here is the video of the entire exchange between our supporter and candidate Neal Florence: