No New Taxes for Transportation Boondoggles!

State politicians already soak Georgia taxpayers like you a whopping 26.53 cents for every gallon of gasoline you buy.1

Now, those same politicians are threatening to take even more of your money with a $1 BILLION a year tax hike that automatically increases each year, all in the name of "transportation."2

Georgia families can’t afford another drain on their wallets as they drive to and from their children's schools and their places of work!

Please act now and sign your No Tax Hikes for Transportation Boondoggles petition!

To: My State Representative, State Senator, and the Governor

No Tax Hikes for Transportation Boondoggles Petition

Whereas:  Georgia’s bloated $37.2 BILLION budget3 includes multiple examples of waste; and
Whereas:  Georgia is already the most expensive state in the nation to operate a car4; and
Whereas:  Much of Georgia’s existing gasoline tax revenues are squandered on government boondoggles not related to transportation5; and
Whereas:  The Georgia Department of Audits and Accounts has in recent years found several “material weaknesses” and “significant deficiencies” in the Georgia Department of Transportation’s handling of over $2 BILLION in taxpayer money6; and
Whereas:  High taxes only make it more difficult for hardworking families to make ends meet; and
Whereas:  State legislators should focus on cutting spending to pay for needed transportation improvements instead of trying to soak Georgia citizens with higher taxes.
Therefore:  I insist that my state representative, state senator, and the Governor reduce or eliminate taxes, fines, and fees related to transportation and fund needed transportation improvement projects by eliminating wasteful spending of my tax dollars.
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