No Taxation Without Representation!

Did you know that we have our own version of “taxation without representation” right here in Georgia today?

Politicians know that you expect them to make the tough decisions necessary to lower taxes, rein in spending, and maximize freedom.

But that does not stop them from wanting more of your tax money for their pet projects and politically well-connected cronies!

So instead, these politicians have been passing “laws” that give the power to raise taxes and fees to bureaucrats -- bureaucrats that you don’t get to elect or kick out of office.

Please act now and sign your petition to End Taxation Without Representation in Georgia!

To: My State Representative, State Senator, and the Governor

End Taxation Without Representation Petition

Whereas:  The State of Georgia and the united States of America were formed under the principle of representative government; and
Whereas:  The Declaration of Independence rightfully declares that "Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed..."; and
Whereas:  Our Founders' primary grievance with Great Britain was "taxation without representation;" and
Whereas:  Bureaucratic rule has consistently failed throughout history causing tremendous strife and hardship for those that have suffered under its tyranny; and
Whereas:  The General Assembly and the Governor have placed the power to raise taxes, penalties, fines, and fees in the hands of unelected bureaucrats on numerous occasions.
Therefore:  We demand that the Georgia General Assembly and the Governor:

*** Repeal all powers given to bureaucratic agents to raise or lower any tax, penalty, fine, or fee; and

*** Require via state law that the General Assembly hold a roll call vote on any proposed change to the level of any tax, penalty, fine, or fee.
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