Candidate Survey Results for the 2016 Primary

Georgia Taxpayers United surveyed each of the candidates for each State House and State Senate race. We ask candidates to give us a straight answer, “yes” or “no,” on issues that are important to our supporters. We gave each candidate until May 2nd to return their completed survey.

Survey Questions

  1. Will you support legislation that will effectively nullify Obamacare?
  2. Will you support legislation to repeal the hospital bed tax and oppose all efforts to give revenue (taxing) authority to unelected bureaucrats?
  3. Will you support legislation to completely repeal the state income tax in Georgia including any and all State taxes on dividends and interest?
  4. Will you support legislation, including any necessary constitutional amendment(s), to completely repeal all property taxes in Georgia?
  5. Will you support legislation, including any necessary constitutional amendment(s), to repeal all ad valorem taxes on automobiles and all motor fuel taxes?
  6. Will you support legislation to completely repeal the Transportation Investment Act and to abolish the 12 regional commissions?
  7. Will you support legislation to completely repeal Georgia’s Internet tax scheme?

Survey Responses

Key: Yes = Yes, No = No, Yes and will sponsor = Yes and will sponsor, Did not answer = Did not answer

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Stop the unconstitutional gas tax hike!

Thanks to your phone calls and emails, the pro-tax hike politicians in Atlanta have started to feel the heat.

As a result, they put their plans to vote on the gas tax hike bill, H.B. 170, on hold.

But our fight isn’t over yet — they’re coming back to the Capitol today, and they could vote on the gas tax hike bill at any time.

And I am afraid many of the politicians are going to cave to pressure from special interests and vote for a tax hike if we don’t make our voices heard.

You see, the gas tax hike bill’s chief sponsor, Representative Jay Roberts, has been twisting arms and cutting deals to get his bill passed.

At the hearing last Thursday, Rep. Roberts even admitted that parts of H.B. 170 were unconstitutional!

Jay Roberts wants to raise taxes and shred the GA Constitution in the processThose sections of the bill were added to appeal to Democratic committee members.

That just shows how desperate he is to pass this gas tax hike and to what lengths he will go to buy votes from other state representatives.

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No Tax Hikes for Transportation Boondoggles!

These state representatives are about to vote on a gasoline tax hike that will take an estimated $1 BILLION from Georgians like you.

Georgians already pay a whopping 26 cents per gallon at the pump, and now politicians at the Capitol in Atlanta want to raise those taxes even higher.

These politicians’ tax hike scheme even includes an automatic tax hike each year as vehicles get more fuel efficient. If this bill passes, you can forget any savings you might have gotten from buying a fuel efficient car!

Please contact these state representatives and send them a clear, polite, but firm message:

“No tax hikes for transportation! Vote “NO” on House Bill 170!”

First Last Official Email Capitol Phone
John Deffenbaugh 404.656.0202
Mandi Ballinger 404.656.0254
Mark Hamilton 404.656.5132
Tommy Benton 404.463.3793
Tommy McCall 404.656.5099
Ed Setzler 404.656.7857
John Carson 404.656.0287
Harry Geisinger 404.657.1803
Sheila Jones 404.656.0126
Pat Gardner 404.656.0265
Keisha Waites 404.656.0220
Darryl Jordan 404.656.0116
Mike Jacobs 404.656.5116
Valerie Clark 404.656.0202
Bret Harrell 404.656.0254
Dale Rutledge 404.656.0109
Babara Sims 404.656.7855
Brian Prince 404.656.0116
Bubber Epps 404.656.0298
Ed Rynders 404.656.6108
Jay Roberts 404.656.7153
Jon Burns 404.656.5099
Bob Bryant 404.656.0298
Al Williams 404.656.6372
Sam Watson 404.656.0213
Chad Nimmer 404.651.7737